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Our custom battery systems are designed to provide reliable and unrivalled power.

Our Foundation

High performance

Our battery systems have the best performance in the world, reaching extreme energy densities of more than 400 Wh/kg at pack level, high C-rates at 8C continuous and cycle lives of more than 1000 cycles.

Our battery systems are produced and tested locally in The Netherlands. Simulating real-world flights, we make sure every system is tested before it leaves our facilities.


We customize our modular battery system to your needs.

We can integrate our reliable and scalable BMS with advanced features and adjust it for your application. Using our modular pack design, we are capable of producing at high volume.


We test every battery system that is shipped. We can offer full flight-simulation of battery systems, running custom high-power discharge profiles simulating a real-world flight.

With our vertical integration and in-house assembly, we offer the safest, highest performing components at the best price, and are never out of stock.

by our Battery Systems:

At Tulip Tech, our aim is to empower 1 billion electric flights, as we are empowering the electric aviation industry with one battery system at a time. Do not just take our word for it.

Fly farther than ever before

This test compares two battery systems of the same form factor. The Tulip Voltera system offers double the longevity compared to the customer’s previous system, while weighing 5% less.

Achieving up to 2x longer flight times is a game-changer for drone surveys. Imagine the efficiency gains, productivity boost, and enhanced safety when your UAV can stay airborne for extended periods. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain raw measurements!

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