Our Team

At Tulip Tech, we believe battery systems are the key to the electrification revolution. Our next-generation battery system technology enables twice as much energy density, opening up new applications in UAVs, robotics, and electric aviation.

Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction drives us to become a leading provider of high energy density and high power battery systems for UAVs and manned aviation.

Together, we work tirelessly to create high energy density battery systems that are safe, reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Made in
The Netherlands

With an R&D and production facility in Eindhoven, we are located in the middle of the Dutch Brainport Region. The region is known for its innovation, research and development, and technology-driven industries. They call it the smartest miles of Europe, mostly due to its collaborative approach to innovation, bringing together businesses, universities, and the government to work on cutting-edge research and development projects.

Growing Tulip

In 2020, Tulip Tech was founded by Bernd Rietberg and Olivier Witteman. Their goal? To make high quality battery systems to enable the drone revolution and sustainable passenger e-flight revolution. Following up from their project of building a passenger drone, they concluded that safe and high energy density battery systems are essential in aviation and robotics. Simultaneously, their partner network grew and this enabled them to leap further than before. Over the years, the team has grown and gained valuable experience in R&D and production.

Advisory Board

Olivier Witteman

Olivier was co-founder of Tulip and now holds an advisory role. He has experience in developing high-end battery systems and full powertrains for several applications, including passenger drones. He is experienced in leading teams and developing high-end systems with over 30 engineers.

Davy Louwers

Davy Louwers, Senior Investment Manager at Smile Invest, brings a wealth of experience to his role as advisor for Tulip Tech. With his background in advising and consulting in the high-tech industry and his experience as founder of several companies, Louwers provides valuable insights and guidance on the development and implementation of innovative technologies related to high-energy density battery systems.


Jelle Vastert

Jelle Vastert was Tesla’s global director of EV charging and played a key role in setting up the Supercharger program in Europe and Tesla’s charging roll-out worldwide. He has over 10 years of deep operational experience as an executive in the energy and mobility space. He also has ample exposure to the financing side of the energy transition, with deep ties to leading investors and as an Associate Partner of Dutch based Improved Capital. Jelle offers Tulip Tech unique operational, technical and strategic insight.

Jurjen de Jong

Jurjen de Jong has a wealth of experience in sustainable transportation and smart charging solutions. He is the founder of Green Future Management and GreenFlux, a global leader in smart charging solutions for electric vehicles. Jurjen also co-founded NRG2fly, an electric aviation company, and serves as chairman of Electric Flying Connection (EFC). With his extensive knowledge in sustainable technology and business, Jurjen would make an excellent advisor for Tulip Tech website, providing valuable insights and guidance for the company’s growth and success.

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