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Battery Packs

Battery Packs for Unmatched Performance

Designed for reliability, Produced with precision.

300 Wh/kg | 15C | 1000+ cycles 

With next-generation battery cells, high-end Battery Management Systems and aerospace-grade materials, we build battery packs with the highest energy densities.

We believe the next era of electrification relies on battery innovation. By creating vastly improved battery packs, we enable unprecedented products and services.

How can we help you make the impossible a possibility using our battery packs? 

Our technology

Perfecting Battery Packs

Full control over supply chain with vertical integration 

We test every battery pack that is shipped. We can offer full flight-simulation of battery packs, running custom high-power discharge profiles simulating a real-world flight.
With our vertical integration and in-house assembly, we offer the safest, highest performing components at the best price, and are never out of stock.

Customized, modular battery packs for high volume production right here in Europe

We customize our modular battery pack to your needs.
We can integrate our reliable and scalable BMS with advanced features and adjust it for your application. Using our modular pack design, we are capable of producing 5000+ custom battery packs per year if needed.

We build battery packs with up to 300Wh/kg at the pack level at high C-rate (8C), and we are continuously improving, aiming for 400 wh/kg in 2025.

Our products offer high discharge rates: We start at 8C continuous, and offer up to 15C continuous and up to 30C peak discharge.

The packs are built to last, with tremendous cycle life of at least 1000+ cycles at high C- rates.

Our battery packs come standard with our integrated modular, high-end BMS solution, which is customisable to any application.


Powering Demanding Applications


By increasing the energy per kilogram, our technology enables a whole range of new applications, such as long-range drones, autonomous robots, and real, useful passenger eflight.

We develop and manufacture record-breaking high energy density battery packs for a wide range of products and solutions. Our customers have achieved a 50 – 80% longer flight time with our next-generation battery packs.

And, with our modular technology, we are able to provide high quality systems for a vast range of applications, whilst maintaining cost-effective, volume production.

Tailor Made

Customized Battery Packs

We offer custom battery packs for high demand applications. Our team works closely with you to create solution with the highest performance, with options for voltage, capacity, size, BMS, weight, costs and shape.

Our battery packs are made with high-quality materials and designed for easy installation and maintenance.

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The Tulip Team

With a dream of creating high quality products to build an electrified, automated future, we aim to deliver products that work at scale. We work together with our partners and customers to create products that solve problems and enable new applications.

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