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Tulip Endura

The Solid Battery System provides versatile energy for every use case. It is the choice for those who need adaptable and efficient power. 

   Voltage: 3,7V nominal

   12 – 35 Ah capacity

   Up to 320 Wh/kg*

   500+ cycles

   5C Continuous Discharge

Tulip Voltera

The Wild Battery System provides reliable and long-lasting performance with its high voltage and lengthy life cycle. 

   Voltage: 3,95V nominal

   2,4 – 32 Ah capacity

   Up to 300 Wh/kg*

   800+ cycles

    15C Continuous Discharge

Tulip Ampera

The Ampera Battery System provides exceptional energy densities, which enabled us to achieve our highest performance with minimal weight.

   Voltage: 3,4-3,6V nominal

   5 – 12 Ah capacity

   Up to 450 Wh/kg*

   200+ cycles

   1-6C Continuous Discharge

Make it truly yours

Now you are familiar with our Base Configurations, it is time to make it truly yours. Use our Battery Configurator to customize your Battery System to your heart’s content.

Unlock more

To discuss more advanced options like certifications and BMS options, submit your configuration to us. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

These options could include:
  • Custom Smart Charging Systems
  • Customized, modular UAV BMS
  • Cloud integration
  • AI modelling
  • Certifications

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