High Performance Battery Packs

With next-generation battery cells, high-end Battery Management Systems and aerospace-grade materials, we build battery packs with the highest energy densities.

We believe the next era of electrification relies on battery innovation. By creating vastly improved battery packs, we enable unprecedented products and services.

How can we help you make the impossible a possibility using our battery packs? 

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Tulip Endura

The Solid Battery System provides versatile energy for every use case. It is the choice for those who need adaptable and efficient power. 

   Voltage: 3,7V nominal

   12 – 35 Ah capacity

   Up to 320 Wh/kg

   500+ cycles

   5C Continuous Discharge

Tulip Voltera

The Wild Battery System provides reliable and long-lasting performance with its high voltage and lengthy life cycle. 

   Voltage: 3,95V nominal

   2,4 – 32 Ah capacity

   Up to 300 Wh/kg

   800+ cycles

    15C Continuous Discharge

Tulip Ampera

The Ampera Battery System provides exceptional energy densities, which enabled us to achieve our highest performance with minimal weight.

   Voltage: 3,4-3,6V nominal

   5 – 12 Ah capacity

   Up to 450 Wh/kg

   200+ cycles

   1-6C Continuous Discharge

Tulip Cylindra

The 18650 Cylindrical Battery provides very good price/quality ratio and drop-in replacement opportunities with energy densities above 300 Wh/kg.

   Voltage: 3,6V nominal

   4 Ah capacity

   300 Wh/kg

   650+ cycles

   3C Continuous Discharge

Smart Battery Systems

35Ah High Density Smart Battery

Powered by our newest 35Ah battery cells, drones fly almost 2x longer. The battery is configurable in different voltage ranges and boasts an energy density of 300.1 Wh/kg. It incorporates solid state cell technology, enhancing safety and longevity with up to 1000 usage cycles. Our latest battery management system are optimized for the drone use case, with DroneCAN integration and, excellent SoC and SoH optimations, and adjustable protections.

33,8Ah High Density Bare Battery

This 33,8 Ah boasts an extreme density of 330Wh/kg at the pack level. A 6S battery weighs just 21550 gram, and the 12S weighs in at 4315 gram. It boasts 3C continuous and 5C peak currents and a cycle life of 650 to 1000 cycles, making it ideal for long range drone applications.

25Ah High Density Smart Battery

Experience unparalleled flight performance with our 25Ah Smart Battery Pack. Delivering a continuous discharge of 75A and a peak of 125A for 60 seconds, this lightweight 4.05kg battery boasts an energy density of 270Wh/kg. Enjoy up to 1000 cycles of exceptional power and longevity. Ideal for drones and UAVs, it operates using our drone optimized BMS hardware and firmware.

Battery Management Systems


Every battery pack we make is accompanied by its very own battery management system. Its features include:

  • Optimized protection modes for safe operation during flying and storage
  • Integrated DroneCAN and CAN communication
  • Balanced charging with optimized longevity
  • Ultra low power storage
  • Active pre-discharge
  • High accuracy monitoring: voltages, current, temperatures
  • Optimized SoC and SoH estimations for UAV flight profiles
  • Integrated heating for cold-weather environments 

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