Our technology

Custom Cells for High Density Packs

Using customized cells, tailored to the needs of the customer, with up to 300 wh/kg at the pack level (8C discharge). We can offer up to 15C continuous and 30C peak discharge rates. Our cells are long-lasting, performing for more than 1000+ cycles at high discharge rates.

We have the ability to customize the cells for integration in your products.

Our battery pack concept enables volume production without a complete redesign. This enables reliant battery packs with the highest European standards, whilst being cost-effective.

Our technology

Battery Management Systems

Not only do our battery packs deliver reliable power, but they also feature state-of-the-art battery management systems (BMS). With real-time monitoring of temperature and state of charge (SoC), you’ll have complete control over the performance of your battery pack. Our custom software ensures the best SoC and SoH estimations. Our BMS is modular allowing for customization for every application, whilst maintaining scalability. Our testing procedures ensure that our BMS technology is suitable for even the most demanding aerospace, defence, and robotics applications.

Our technology

Thermal management

Testing at the cell level 

Our testing process ensures that we can identify the best suitable cells for the application, and understand their performance in hot and cold environments.

Heat management
We integrate heat management strategies into our solutions to address the hot and cold temperature challenges common in UAVs and other demanding applications, such as passive and active thermal management methods.

Continuous temperature monitoring
We continuously monitor the temperature of the battery pack to detect any changes or abnormalities, allowing for timely intervention to prevent potential safety issues or damage to the battery pack.

Our technology

Quality Assurance

Individual cell testing

Our battery solutions go through rigorous individual cell testing to ensure that each cell performs to its full potential. This ensures that the entire battery pack delivers optimal performance and longevity. 

Pack testing and reporting before shipment

We take quality control seriously and conduct comprehensive pack testing and reporting before shipment. This guarantees that each battery pack meets our high standards for performance and safety. For example, we offer flight simulations by performing a custom high-power discharge profile of every battery pack to mimick in real-world conditions. This ensures that our battery solutions can withstand the demands of your application and deliver reliable performance.

European graded manufacturing

We take pride in our European graded manufacturing process, which adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety. Our manufacturing process ensures that our battery solutions are reliable, efficient, and long-lasting, meeting the demands of even the most challenging applications.

Our technology


The three main facilities in the company are the Disruptor Building, Mechanical Workshop, and the Weld Facility. The Disruptor Building is a combination of an office and a workshop. It features an office that is connected to a workshop, making it a convenient and efficient working environment. This building primarily specializes in electrical engineering and PCB design. It also has the capabilities for module testing, ensuring that all products are thoroughly tested before they are released.